Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin Mining: Useful or a Waste of Time?

By now you may have heard the word bitcoin hundreds of times. Again many of you know very well what Bitcoin is and what it is used for. Again, many may have been mining bitcoin for a long time. Again, there are many people who have never heard of what Bitcoin is and how it […]

watching tv or iptv

What is 4K TV? Do you need to buy a 4K TV?

If you go around the market recently to buy a new TV, you will see that some of the huge TVs have stickers with “4K” written on them. You will see the price of this 4K TV is almost double from the normal HD or full HD TV of the same size. But the question […]


Blockchain Technology: What is it and how does it work?

Although this is a very old topic, people’s interest in Bitcoin and the popularity of cryptocurrency has increased and the interest in this blockchain technology has increased. This is because Bitcoin or most other cryptocurrencies operate on this blockchain technology. So to know what cryptocurrency is and how it works, first of all you have […]


What is BlockStack: Decentralized Internet Platform!

If you haven’t gone deep into internet technology yet, you may have never heard of BlockStack. Blockstack is basically a blockchain-based decentralized internet platform, where users have complete control over their data and identity. Thus, the technical term is becoming a little difficult to understand, so I say simply. As I said before, today’s post […]


What is port 443? Why is it used, why is it so important?

When we visit a website on our computer, the computer shows the home page or interface of our website. But behind it is a huge network. But it works so fast that you can’t figure it out. And the port is a part of this networking. There are many types of ports, such as 80, […]

object oriented programming

What is object-oriented programming?

Many of us have heard of Object-Oriented ProgrammingBut what exactly is it or how does it help us? Many of us do not know. So today we will discuss Object-Oriented Programming. Also Read… 5 Best Programming Languages You Should Learn in 2020 5 Best Code Editors for Programmers What is open source software? Does open […]

Internet cookies

What is Internet cookies? How do Internet cookies work?

We spend most of the day dealing with the internet. So surely the word cookies have caught our eye at some point. But what exactly are Internet cookies? We were never interested in knowing that. But as a conscious internet user, it is vital for everyone to know this. So what are Internet cookies today […]

unlimited internet

What is WiFi Direct | How does it work?-Details!

One feature that has become quite common in newer smartphones is Wi-Fi Direct – which you can directly compare to Bluetooth technology. The Wi-Fi Alliance introduced this new name and technology in late 2010, which can be used to easily, fast, and securely share the Internet between any content, printers, and separate devices. This article […]

ipv6 address

What is IPv6 | How to add IPv6 to your web server?

If you have finished reading about the internet, web server, DNS, etc., you must have heard the term IPv6. Or you may have seen it on the router setting or you may have heard it somehow! Again, you may have never heard of IPv6 before. As a general user, you may not know much about […]

ultrawide-band UWD

What is Ultra-Wideband Wireless Technology? – Detailed explanation!

Tell us why we love wireless technology so much? – It works wirelessly, secondly, radio waves can be used to transfer data over long distances at high bandwidth rates, although it is possible to get more bandwidth rates by cable, wireless technology is everyone’s first choice for portability. The special feature of radio waves is […]