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How to create a strong password – for any account, including Facebook

How to create strong passwords:

There was a time when locks were used for the security of human habitation. Security has also evolved over time. In this age of technology, people live with technology. So people have to think about the security of online account as well as housing. Passwords were introduced to provide that security. And if you do not create a strong password, any account can be hacked.

Passwords can also be cracked now. So if you use a simple password, it is very easy to crack it. That’s why you should always use strong passwords. Now the question is what is the way to create or understand a strong password?

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Use long passwords

Are you using short passwords that are easy to guess? Short passwords make it easy to find out the password of anyone’s Facebook ID. There are currently many software programs that can automatically guess or crack common characters or passwords. So be careful when creating passwords.

How to create strong passwords:

Do not use your name, date of birth or common words
Do not use short passwords using only letters or numbers
Combine symbols, lowercase / uppercase letters
Example of a strong password:

instead of a.

* instead of X

$ instead of s

% instead of space

i Instead of !

0 instead of o

8 instead of B

For example: facebook account instead of these words

f @ ce800k% @ cc0unt

Check the password

You can easily find out if your password is strong and hacking proof. You don’t have to spend money to find out. There are many such websites online. Below are the names and links of some websites. With which you can check your password:

How big is your password? How strong is your password? Of course, giving your password to an unfamiliar site is a bad habit. So try to use a password similar to your own.

Do not use the same password everywhere

Be careful when using passwords as well as try to use different passwords for different accounts. So that even if the password of one account is hacked, the others cannot be hacked.

Make a note of the password

It is very difficult to remember different passwords for many accounts at once. When using different passwords for different accounts, be sure to keep notes and keep the notebook in a safe place.


You can use the password manager

Although it is more secure to take notes from the password manager. However, the advantages of the password manager are more. Because the password manager and your computer will help you remember your passwords. It also helps to create strong passwords.

But the question is if the computer is hacked? Here are two things you can do:

  • First, you need to sync your encrypted password file with a free cloud service like Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • And use a strong master password to keep your password manager locked. To create a strong master password, you can follow all the rules given in the article.

Do not save the password in the browser

Many people save the password in the browser, that is, with the Remember Password. Do not do this. Because if the browser cookie is hacked, your passwords will be hacked. However, you can save the password of unimportant accounts.

Keep up with the security cochlear

Many accounts have a password as well as a security coaching feature. Security coaches are usually:

  • Your mother’s first name
  • Name your first high school
  • Favorite fruit or flower name etc.

These security coaches will always be wrong. Then no one can guess or crack the answer to these questions.

Add two-step verification

Nowadays almost all websites have the facility to add two-step verification. So try adding two-step verification to all sites. This makes your password even stronger.

Remember that nothing in today’s world is secure. It is possible to break all security. There are also reports of fingerprint theft these days. So always be aware of yourself. Because your own awareness will help keep you safe online.

And if you use a password manager, you must have two-step verification turned on. So that you can know even if it is hacked.

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