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Microsoft HoloLens | The dream is now real!


You’ve all heard of Microsoft HoloLens. Now in this post, we will discuss what is this holo-lens, how does it work, and what are its special features. I will also discuss in detail another new technology holoportation. So friends, let’s find out how technology is making our fantasies a reality.


See friends, Microsoft HoloLens is an augmented reality headset. If you don’t know about augmented reality and virtual reality, you can read my article on this topic in detail. In augmented reality, the world you are in can create new things around you. HoloLens works on this same principle, and inside of it you will see more advanced feature-rich technology. Which is not found in a normal virtual device or augmented reality headset like Google Glass. It is a very advanced instrument. First of all, let me tell you about the price. See it costs $3,000. And yet this device is not available to everyone. Only those who have pre-ordered it or those who want to pay a lot of big tech reviewers or Microsoft can take this device or have already got it. Commercially, the device may be available to everyone in a few days, and then the price may go down a bit, but it is still a very expensive device. Its features are so unique that it is normal to get a higher price.

The device looks like a head band, which has to be worn with the head. It has many high-resolution displays for two eyes, through which you can see new objects. It also has many cameras, many types of sensors, a full sensor unit and speakers to provide high-definition sound. So this was the description of the parts. Let’s find out now from how this device or augmented reality device works.

How does HoloLens work?

How does HoloLens work

Suppose you are standing in a room. And around the room, there is various furniture including TV, sofa. Now if you wear an augmented reality headset in this environment, first the device will use its camera to create a 3D image of the whole environment around you. Now suppose you want to watch another TV on one side of the wall, but when you drag a TV and drop it on the wall, your video will start from that wall. You will see a real TV with a wall, although it is a 3D image. In the case of virtual reality devices, when you wear a virtual reality headset, you go through it to another new world. But in augmented reality, you can connect yourself to many unreal things in your real environment. Using it, when you play a game, maybe a game character can come out through your wall. And you have everything real and feel like everything is happening in your home.

So much for fun that you can play different games in augmented reality using HoloLens. But the most special thing about it is that if you use this device for any teaching or research work, you will get many amazing results. For example, suppose you are an engineering student, and want to study an engine. But you can see that engine with the help of HoloLens, not just that you can see from one side. Rather turn the engine around and see and study from all angles. Moreover, if you are a medical student, you can feel the human organs live and see them from different angles. And you will always feel that the objects are right in front of you, and it will work in a very unique way. So some of these more advanced features can be seen through HoloLens. Although there are many shortcomings in this device. And it’s normal to have shortcomings, because it’s a first-generation augmented reality device. Every first generation device has a lot of shortcomings. And of course the next generation devices will be much better and more advanced.

Moreover, you can use the full Windows 10 feature. With this you can make Skype calls, you can use different apps, you can browse the internet. So it’s not just a matter of looking at a headset and watching some videos through it! In fact, this device is many times more than this. And that’s why it’s usually so expensive. Its battery life is about 3-5 hours, and that’s a lot of fun. And the most convenient thing is that it does not have any wire problem, or it does not have to connect to any device. It is a complete device in itself, it has cameras, batteries, sensors, etc. inside. You have to keep an eye on the diameter and you can enter the augmented reality without any hassle. In the world of augmented reality, the HoloLens is a state-of-the-art device, because before Google Glass, it didn’t have any advanced features.

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