SSD vs. HDD | which one would you buy?


You may have heard of SSD whose full name is solid state drives. You may be looking at it when you buy a computer or you may know about it in a magazine. But today I will tell you the real difference between SSD and HDD. In other words, today’s battle is with solid state drive and hard drive. If you are worried about which one to buy, I will help you decide. And let’s take a look at the different advantages and disadvantages of these two drives. I hope you will benefit a lot.

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SSD vs. HDD, how do they work?

See Hard Drive is a famous storage device. Which we have been using regularly for the last few years. It is a mechanical device. That means it has a moving part inside. You must have seen in the description of the hard drive that 5400 rpm or 7200 rpm etc. is written. It usually has a rotating head inside which rotates much faster, as the RPM is mentioned in the description of your hard drive. And during this rotation, there is a disc and accesses the data through it.

See, solid state drives like hard drives do not have any removable parts. Solid state drives store data using flash memory. Solid state drives store data completely differently from hard drives. The hard drive has two metal discs where all the data is stored. These two discs are magnetized and when any data is read it has to be moved back and forth. But since there is no metal disc in Solid State Drive, there is no chance of it being disabled. And theoretically SSD never fails. Where hard drives often fail and all data is lost.

Even leaving a hard drive on a table for a few years without touching it can be a failure. Because it has to be booted up every time you use it. And its internal organs begin to move. But this problem never happens with solid-state drives. So this is a special advantage for solid state drives. That means SSD’s score is 100% in terms of reliability.

The efficiency of SSD and HDD

Now let’s discuss the performance of these two. Solid state drives are generally more popular than hard drives in terms of performance. The main reason for this is that solid state drive does not have to move any of its internal arms to read data. All the data is stored together in a flash memory. As a result, when you search for any data, it brings it to you very quickly. Cheap solid state drives can show the same performance as a 10,000 rpm hard drive. But expensive and advanced solid state drives are able to outperform any hard drive instantly.

Which one would you buy for your computer? SSD? Or HDD?

See, in the above discussion, you became aware of the different benefits of these two. But there are other things to consider when it comes to buying or making a decision. Solid state drives can access a lot of fast data and there is absolutely no chance of it failing. But it is much more expensive and if you need to store more data then a solid state drive with more capacity accordingly is not yet available in the market. And even if it is available, it costs a lot.

One more thing to know is that the cells in the flash memory of a solid state drive can write new data at a certain time. This means that the more times you write data, the slower your SSD can become. Now if you want to read and write a lot more data or if you want to save more data, HDD will be best for you. Because you can easily get a large HDD of any size in the market at a low price.

Since solid state drives are available at much higher and much lower capacity. So you can use SSD to just hold the operating system and hold different software. This will make your computer work much faster and your software will run faster. Finally in my opinion you should use both SSD and HDD in your computer. Use HDD to store all your data and SSD to keep your computer’s operating system fast.

Hopefully after reading today’s post you will be able to make the right decision when buying SSDs and HDDs. Because now you know what you need, and which storage device can meet your needs. You can only use solid state drives to get better performance. Or in my opinion you can use both together. If you have any additional questions about this, please let me know in the comments. And don’t forget to share the post with your friends.

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