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Unlimited Internet: Is Unlimited Internet Really Possible?

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I will not write a single line about how important the internet is today. Because you are already using the internet and you know very well how much you need it! Now the question is about unlimited internet access.

Broadband users in particular claim that their internet is completely unlimited. On the other hand, people who use mobile internet ask why their operators are not offering unlimited plans. But is there really such a thing as unlimited internet? And why don’t mobile operators come up with unlimited internet plans? Let’s discuss everything in today’s article.

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Unlimited internet

The answer to the question posed in the title of this article is, “No”! Technically, your internet is not unlimited even after you use broadband. Now after hearing this, many will say, “I don’t have any data limit, so why don’t you call it Unlimited?” Well, I’m not very good at math, but this math is so easy to understand.

unlimited internet

See Internet can be limited in three ways. Firstly, setting a limit on your data speed, secondly, setting a limit on your bandwidth usage, and thirdly, setting a limit on time. What broadband service providers do is they put a limit on your internet speed. Your broadband internet plan may be limited to 10mbps or 20 mbps or 30 mbps.

Now with this limited speed, you can consume up to a certain amount of internet data even if you download it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a whole month. Now that amount could be a few hundred gigabytes or a few terabytes, and that’s limited.

Now, this may seem unlimited to you, as there is no cap on the bandwidth usage of broadband internet. Technically you can download or upload a certain amount of data throughout the month but the limit is much higher than your usage. So you think broadband internet is unlimited but now you know it is not unlimited.

Why mobile internet is not unlimited?

Well, when we talk about unlimited internet, we have to talk about mobile internet here. Because there are very few broadband users in the world where most people depend on mobile internet. Many people question on social media or in different places why mobile operators are not providing unlimited internet.

Why mobile internet is not unlimited?

You see, the biggest difference between mobile operators and broadband service providers is in technology. Broadband internet is usually delivered to your home via cable.

And the mobile internet can reach your home or outside without it. Wireless technology is much more expensive than using wires. There are many reasons why mobile operators do not or cannot provide unlimited internet. Below I have tried to mention several reasons so that you have a lot of advantage in understanding the whole thing.

  • Mobile internet is expensive

Broadband internet is much cheaper than mobile internet. Because building broadband internet infrastructure is cheaper than mobile internet. Somehow the story ends with just inserting a broadband cable into your home. If you want to increase your speed later, broadband service providers can do it from their end, without the need to change it or change any infrastructure.

On the other hand, if mobile operators think of upgrading their network, then the entire network tower needs to be upgraded. Suppose your mobile operator is providing 3G services in your area, now if they want to provide 4G services, they will need to upgrade their towers, install new radio antenna transmitters etc. for 4G. Thus, every time the technology changes, the entire infrastructure needs to be changed again and again in this mobile internet case.

And this network tower upgrade is a very expensive thing. Mobile operators need to spend millions of dollars on this. And they withdraw this money from the customer. Moreover, operators need to install multiple towers to get the signal to a certain area properly. Not only is the work done by installing the towers, the towers have to be maintained regularly, and the operators have to spend a lot of money every month for these. All the money in the network system has to be taken from the customer, so mobile services are expensive.

Can unlimited internet on mobile ever be possible?

As I said before, there is no such thing as unlimited internet, there is always a limitation. But yes, unlimited internet can be introduced by removing the bandwidth limit on mobile internet like broadband. Mobile operators will have to invest a lot more in their network first.

And in the current 3G or 4G technology, providing such unlimited internet is a very challenging thing. However, with the advent of 5G technology, un-metered internet like broadband can also be seen on mobiles.

Where 4G operates below 6 GHz frequency, 5G will be able to operate in the 30-300 GHz range. The higher the radio frequency, the higher the bandwidth speed. To support this huge radio frequency range, 5G will be able to handle huge data and secondly 4G will be able to support as many devices per meter as 5G will be able to support 1,000 more devices.

This means that you will get high speed network in 5G, with the ability to handle many users, mobile operators will then be able to sell unlimited plans. But as I said before, this internet will not be cheap at all!

So hopefully, by now I have understood that there is no such thing as unlimited internet. The term unlimited is used in broadband, it is also a limited internet! And you also know why mobile operators do not offer unlimited internet plans.

In fact, in order to provide mobile internet properly, operators have to face many kinds of problems. A little rain can slow down your internet speed. Where as a result of such a natural environment, there is no difference in broadband speed. So each internet connection has its own benefits, but I hope I have been able to cover the topic completely today. However, if you have any questions about this, the comments section below is always open. I check everyone’s comments and always try to reply.

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