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What are Surface Web, Deep Web, and Dark Web?

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In today’s world the internet is a widely used and prevalent word that has become a part of our daily lives. Social media, news, blogs, etc. are used by many more sites through the internet.

The Internet is actually the connection between many computers. The Internet is a worldwide connected network system that uses TCP / IP to transmit information through a variety of media.

We know the internet is constantly changing. At the moment, according to the InternetLiveStats website, There are more than 1.5 million websites on the World Wide Web today (at the time of writing). Of these, less than 200 million are active.

The Internet and the World Wide Web are actually made up of three levels. You may have heard the term “deep web” or “dark web”. There are three levels to this global web. Let’s discuss this in detail.

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 Surface Web, Deep Web, and Dark Web

What is the World Wide Web or WWW

The World Wide Web is a repository of information or documents. And these can be accessed through the Internet. The World Wide Web was invented in 1989 by Tim Berners-Lee. The World Wide Web is the primary tool for accessing the Internet. Websites on the World Wide Web are linked to hypertext links. Hyperlinks allow users to access multiple web pages, within a single domain.

Layers of the World Wide Web
3 levels of the World Wide Web. E.g .:

  • Surface Web – The Surface Web is the visible part of the Internet. You can find these sites through common search engines and browsers.
  • Deep Web – The Deep Web is an invisible part of the Internet. You won’t find the Deep Web from a simple search engine or browser.
  • The Dark Web – The Dark Web is another invisible part of the Internet. Dark allows web users and website owners to hide their identities.

Surface web

The Surface Web is the only visible part of the Internet. The Surface Web website you will find in the general search engine. We are using the internet as well as the website, so the surface web. The Surface Web is a small part of the World Wide Web and is the only accessible part for the public.

Websites like Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. are included in the general surface web. Surface web sites typically use domains such as .com, .org, .in, .ae, .club, etc. To access these websites, no special configuration is required. The Surface Web is only 4% of the World Wide Web.

Deep Web

According to a study, about 95% of the entire Internet is the Deep Web. Now let’s first find out what is stored on this Deep Web. See how much online storage you have where all your data is stored. For example, I talk about Google Drive or Drop Box. Again, all the research information or confidential information stored in the big universities or all the information or database of the bank or the secret projects of the government are all part of the Deep Web. In other words, the information that you will never find by searching on Google is the Deep Web.

If you want to access any information from Deep Web, you may need a special web address. A particular site is a specific web address for a particular server. And with the web address you need a special permission, that you are able to access some information on that website. You may need to enter a login ID or password to obtain permission, or it may be some kind of authentication. But you can never access the Deep Web without a special web address. Because no information from Deep Web is indexed in Google or any other search engine. So no matter how much you search, you will never find and access what is saved in my Google Drive.

You can only access those files when I share with you the special links of those files. So I hope you understand the Deep Web very well. And surely you understand the need for deep web.

Dark Web

The Dark Web is an element of the World Wide Web that exists on the Dark Net. The internet we use is only five to six percent. It is a kind of hidden network of public internet users. Access to it requires specific software, configuration or approval. The Dark Web is basically a part of the Deep Web. Ordinary search engines cannot access this part. Although sometimes the term “deep web” is mistakenly used to refer to the Dark Web.

Darknet, which forms the Dark Web, consists of small friend-to-friend, peer-to-peer networks, as well as large networks such as Freenet, iTupi and Tor, and these networks are run by public organizations and individuals. Dark web users are commonly known as Clearnets on the web because of their unencrypted nature. The Tor network is also known as Onion Land, because it is a high-level domain of the Deep Web, Suffix.on Onion, and Onion Routing, a way of using the Internet in secret.

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