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What is Internet cookies? How do Internet cookies work?

Internet cookies

We spend most of the day dealing with the internet. So surely the word cookies have caught our eye at some point. But what exactly are Internet cookies? We were never interested in knowing that.

But as a conscious internet user, it is vital for everyone to know this. So what are Internet cookies today and how do Internet cookies work? We will discuss it briefly.

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What is Internet cookies?

Cookies are some files stored in the cache memory of your internet browser. These cookies are saved on your computer when you visit different websites. Basically, the websites you visit are stored on your computer. Packet data sent from the server to your browser while browsing the Internet, which the browser sends back to the server – all these packet data are called cookies in the Internet world. When you come back to the site, according to the website settings, the browser returns the cookie related to this site. This allows the site to be displayed to your liking in the information you provide.

Suppose you go to an e-commerce site like Amazon, Alibaba or Ebay or go to a Ticket or Hotel Booking site, then these sites will put their required cookies in your internet browser. Now after placing these cookies, you go to those sites and search for what product or place or see which item for more time and which item for less time, all this data is constantly sent to that website through your internet browser cookies.

So that if you enter that website later, that website can show you the recommended result. Also the relevant websites like google, Facebook ads flatform will be able to show you ads of your favorite items. Suppose you last searched for a brand of watch on Amazon and that data passed to Amazon through cookies, now if you visit Amazon again or search on Google, you will be shown more similar watches and you will be shown more products in the same price range.

How do Internet cookies work?

When visiting a website, keep in mind that if you log in somewhere for the first time, you do not have to bother to log in a second time. Again, many sites have to login repeatedly. Have you ever wondered why this is so? The answer is probably no. This is where Internet cookies work. In the first case, when you do not seem to login a second time, in that case you may have enabled cookies or tick the Remember Me button while logging in to that website.

Again, many are familiar with the password remember option, which is part of these cookies.

In the second case, the opposite happens. Again, many websites do not even allow cookies. For which you have to login every time. This type of cookie is called Authentication cookies. There is another type of cookie that is based on what you are searching for. Simply put, when you search for something in a corner of the browser, the first letter of the subject is typed and many search options come up. It is basically created by observing your search history. This is exactly how cookies work in search engines.

Advantages and disadvantages of Internet cookies

Let’s learn about the Advantages and disadvantages of Internet cookies


Internet cookies play a vital role in our Internet browsing. Because we may remember how many things we search for every day. I don’t even remember the last time I searched for anything else or for what purpose. In this case, if you just remember the keyword of the topic you searched for, then you will easily get everything you were searching for last time. And no matter what you search for, it will show you what is right for you.

Again, there are many websites where you have to log in at least once a day. In that case, many people are annoyed to log in every time, to avoid which you can turn on the Authentication cookies i.e. password remember option. These are some personal aspects.

Again, many large websites also try to show the client the right thing for their client based on what the client has searched for through Session Management. An example of which you can see anywhere on the e-commerce site. If you go there to search for something, you will be given some options at the beginning based on your previous search results. These are just some of the goal-setting shareware that you can use.


Third party cookies are the most harmful or bad thing about internet cookies. Third party cookies basically refer to the ads you see outside the content on various websites. In this case, many websites have different pop-ups in place of this ad, where 5-6 windows open simultaneously when clicked. The disadvantage of this is that if you save a third-party cookie plant in the corner of your browser in the windows you open, then your internet security may be threatened.

Again, another bad aspect of third party cookies is that it steals all kinds of information, such as what you are visiting, what you are searching for, and delivers it to third party websites, which is really very harmful.

Here is a brief discussion of Internet cookies. Stay with us to learn about various important issues like this. Thanks

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