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What is Linux Operating System?

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Linux is everywhere. From your mobile phone to laptops, desktops, servers, and even supercomputers it plays an important role. In this case, you must have a special need to know about it. And with that requirement in mind and a lot of requests, I decided today to discuss Linux in detail. So let’s find out everything.

What is a computer operating system or OS?

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You must have a basic knowledge of computer operating system before you can learn more about Linux. Because many people make a special mistake to understand this issue. You or I never think about how a computer works. We just go through the task to the computer and instead the computer completes our task. We never want to worry about how it accomplished that or what process it went through. Read this post to know more about operating system.

Why was the operating system needed?

By now you must have realized how important the operating system is to the computer. Before the invention of the Windows operating system, computers had no operating system. Computers at that time were called microcomputers or micros. At that time, each of the machines operated in their own unique way. There was no similarity between someone’s program and someone else’s program. If a game developer made a game for one computer, it would be useless for another computer. Since the language of one computer was different from another, it was impossible to establish a relationship between them.

But at that time an operating system called CP / M solved this problem. When microcomputers started using CP / M, they were able to run the same program on all computers. The developers then started writing programs for CP / M without writing programs for different computers. And innovation came in computing technology.

But in the 1960s, when a company called IBM went to buy CP / M’s demand for its hugely popular personal computer machine, they were unable to buy it. As a result, a very talented young man “Bill Gates” began to write his own operating system as an alternative. And gave birth to the DOS operating system. Later it became known as Windows. And it is Windows that makes Bill the richest man in the world. The most important thing about the Windows operating system is that it allows applications in the same language to be run on separate machines. As a result, any computer is able to communicate with each other very easily. So, friends, this is the main reason for the popularity of the Windows operating system and the need for the operating system.

What is Linux?

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It’s been a long time since I’ve looked at history. Let’s come back to today and talk about Linux. Many people think that Linux is an operating system. But Linux is not an operating system, it is a kernel. The kernel basically helps to establish the relationship between hardware and software.

Developers build applications for the Linux kernel. So if you want to run Linux on your computer, you need to use the application or package written on this kernel. And these Linux packages are called distribution or distro. There are many distros on the Linux kernel. And they are prepared for different tasks. This kernel builds your computer’s hardware to work with a variety of applications. Linux distros provide a variety of applications, tools, and desktop environments for each computing field. And all of these things work together with the Linux kernel, making it a complete computer operating system.

Now if someone says that he is using Linux on his computer, it means that he is using the Linux kernel and the written application of that kernel is running on the PC.

Why use Linux?

By now you must have understood what Linux is. Now let’s discuss why we will use it. See, the most popular computing operating system today is Windows. And yes, Windows is doing much better than its own case. But Windows or Mac operating systems do not allow users and developers to do what they want. You can’t modify many files even if you are a Windows machine admin. If you are a gamer or do simple computing then Windows is a good operating system for you. But if you are a developer, you will be deprived of maximum freedom in Windows. Because it is a closed operating system.

But on the other hand Linux is a kernel completely free. Where there are too many distros to work with this kernel. And with it you can do whatever you want. There are separate distros for almost all computing environments. For example, there is Ubuntu or Mint for desktop computing, Android for mobile and even Linux version is used in super computers.

Linux is always focused on security and getting stronger. But Windows, on the other hand, always focuses on ease of use. This is why most servers and high-tech security systems always use Linux, and it is extremely popular for completing complex tasks. So I think the Linux version is the best alternative to Windows for computing. Moreover, Linux is much lighter than Windows. For which it is best for those who want to get a lot of fast computing experience in their personal machine even in low configure machine.

In the last few years, the Linux desktop distro has changed a lot to a simpler user interface. As a result, even if you are used to using Windows or Mac, Linux will not be difficult for you. So this can be a big reason to migrate your home PC to Linux.

Benefits of Linux

Let’s talk about some of the special features of Linux. The biggest advantage of using Linux is that it is highly secure to use. This means that by using it you will forget about viruses, Trojans etc. Moreover, you can use Linux distros for free. Whether your PC is one or more, the charge of Linux distro is always zero. Where you have to spend hundreds of dollars to use Windows.

Most of the time with Linux distro all the necessary applications are pre-installed. And you can also install different packages for free according to your needs. This is a much bigger deal than Windows. Moreover, since Linux is completely free licensed, you can customize it as you wish. Although some constraints exist.

Linux is lightweight so it can run on any type of machine. After Microsoft withdrew support from their XP in 2004, many moved to Linux to keep their older machines virus-free. Surprisingly many fast experiences have been found in using Linux on older machines.

You can also use the Windows application on Linux using Wine. So this is also a big advantage. There is also good news for game lunatics. The new Linux kernel-based Steam operating system has over 1,000 games. And these games run very well on Linux. Older machines like Linux also have the advantage of using the latest Internet browsers such as Firefox or Chromium, the latest office applications. Even today, 10-15 years ago, Linux ran on the machine at rocket speeds.

Linux has a live CD or DVD or USB feature. You can run Linux on your computer without installing. This will not affect your current Windows. Just plug in Linux USB to your machine and play. Linux has a lot of distro preferences. If you don’t like one, just use another, another if not another. But you will never get this benefit in Windows.

If there is a problem with Windows then Windows needs to be reinstalled. But any problem with Linux can be solved by itself, without the need to re-install your computer’s operating system at all. Moreover, Linux has the advantage of using multi-desktop. Which has been added to Windows 10 in Windows. Multiple desktops mean independent and clear computing experience.

Some problems with Linux

Among its thousands of advantages, there are some disadvantages which can lead to some problems for the users. Linux does not have as many drivers as Windows. Driver is a type of small program that helps your computer to work properly with any external device such as printer, USB modem, etc. and lets the computer understand which one is for which device. Maybe your home printer isn’t working on Linux which can run comfortably on Windows. However, this problem also has a solution. If a developer creates a driver for that device in his free time that will run on Linux, you can run the device.

Although Linux still has the ability to support many more devices than the default Windows without any type of third party driver. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

How do I start using Linux?

If you want to be a new Linux user, you may be wondering how to get started. See if you are a new user, I would say boot Linux to give a live CD without installing Linux directly. Download the ISO of your favorite Destro and start using it in Flash mode. The most popular distros for desktops are Linux Mint and Ubuntu. So you can try any one of them.

Friends, if you are not using Linux yet, I would suggest to use. Maybe you can get a lot of new experiences from there. Hopefully, you have learned a lot from today’s post about Linux and maybe you have already become very interested. Requests must share the post before leaving and comment me below to know any kind of request or opinion.

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