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What is object-oriented programming?

object oriented programming

Many of us have heard of Object-Oriented Programming
But what exactly is it or how does it help us? Many of us do not know. So today we will discuss Object-Oriented Programming.

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What is object-oriented programming?

One type of computer programming is object-oriented programming. It is a powerful tool for programming. As computers have improved, so has programming. Object-Oriented Programming embraces the good aspects of streamlined programming and adds some new features. In a very general sense, object-oriented programming works with code and the data associated with it.

Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) is one of the most confusing concepts in the world of programming. Especially among the newcomers, a huge confusing thought is created about object-oriented programming.

Repeatedly trying to understand object-oriented programming, many do not understand. As a result, they are way too difficult to object-oriented programming. But is that really so? The concept of object-oriented programming is very simple and very powerful.

There are many design patterns in programming. The most popular of these is the Object Oriented Programming Design Pattern. In those seventies, Alan Kay, an American computer scientist, first came up with the idea of ​​object-oriented programming. At that time, object oriented programming was not so important, but now we can not think of anything big without object oriented programming. Object oriented programming plays a special role in the world of programming.

Object-oriented programming but no language’s own property. Any programming language can use object oriented programming design patterns. The world’s most popular programming languages ​​follow the design patterns of object-oriented programming, such as JAVA, Python, C ++, C#, TypeScript, ES6, PHP, etc.

There are some words in Object Oriented Programming that seem like hard things for the first time! But if you try to understand a little better, you will understand the concept of these words is as easy as it is difficult to hear. So let’s get to know those words and their concept.

  • Class
  • Object
  • Encapsulation
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism


The main one in Object Oriented Programming is its class. Within this class are all defined. You can compare the human body with the class of Object Oriented Programming (OOP). Just as every human body has some features, every class of Object Oriented Programming has some features.


The object is an instance or blueprint of the class. If we want to use a property, method or something else within a class, we have to create an object for that class. Using Object Properties of the class, method, we can run the operation with etribiutasa.


Encapsulation is another concept of OOP through which you can protect data. Encapsulation allows you to tell which users will be able to see a particular part of your website and which users will not. In a word, encapsulation works with privacy.

It has 3 Access Modifiers.

  • Public
  • Private
  • Protected


Inheritance is a very interesting concept. Inheritance allows you to ask permission from one class to another to use everything.

Extends the class you want to use with your current class. As a result, you can use everything except the private of that class.


It originally came from the Greek word. It means polymorphic. Method overloading is done through polymorphism. Suppose there is a method in a class. Method’s name is the same, but he is able to do different things. We can tell when and how this method will work.

Here is a brief discussion of object oriented programming. Stay with us to learn about various important issues like this. Thanks

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