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What is virtual reality and augmented reality? Learn the details

virtual reality and augmented reality

For years we have been hearing about virtual reality and augmented reality. What are these technologies? In this post I will discuss how these work and what is the difference between them. Virtual reality is abbreviated as “VR” and augmented reality is abbreviated as “AR”. So let’s not talk too much and lean directly on today’s topic.

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Virtual reality

Let’s try to understand the literal meaning of virtual reality. The word “reality” means what is real and the word “virtual” means what is not real. Hey, what does this mean? Why is it that the original is not there again? What is the real thing that is not there? Am I real, or am I not? Oops, please stop thinking. I have not come to discuss this issue? 😀 Virtual reality is an idea that by using a headset you will go to a world where you are not there, but you will feel that you are there. But in reality you are where you were sitting. Okay, I won’t say it again. I am trying to clarify the matter through an example. You will need a VR headset to use VR. Now you have to read this VR headset. The VR headset runs with your phone or computer. Now the video is played in it. The video is 360 degree or 3D. Now when you watch that video with a VR headset, you will feel that you have gone to that video. And you are a part of that video. But in reality you are sitting in your house. So friends, this is the work of virtual reality technology.

Suppose you now wear a VR headset. And your VR headset is loaded with Time Square video, but you’ll feel like you’ve gone to Time Square at home. There are a lot of people around you and lights and you walk around and see everything for yourself. If your video is 360 degrees, your head will move as well as the scene of the video. And will give you one real feeling. Which is not really the case.

Google Cardboard is seen as an example of virtual reality technology. Google Cardboard is a VR headset where you have to put your mobile phone. It has two small lenses on the front. As a result, you will see the display of your mobile phone in two parts. One right and another left. Inside, the footage of the video to be played is slightly curved to the right and left. So when you put Google Cardboard in your eyes and play a 360 degree video and the video will move in the direction you turn your head.

Virtual reality is a technology where you are in one place, you have not gone anywhere and the VR headset will feel like you are somewhere else and you are a part of it.

Examples of virtual reality

To give an example of virtual reality, I have already mentioned Google Cardboard. Google Cardboard is a VR device. If we talk about high-quality full VR then we have to talk about “Achilles Rift”. Oculus is a very large company, and they have been working on virtual reality for many years. In addition to the Oculus, if I give you an example, I can talk about “Samsung Gear VR“. It is also a virtual reality device built by Samsung. There are also Sony’s “Project Morpheus” and HTC’s “Vive“.

All of this is a virtual reality headset. Which must be worn on the eyes. Now your relationship with the room you are sitting in, or lying in, or standing in is over and you will move on to a whole new world.

Advantages of virtual reality

I told you before that you can watch 3D videos with VR. You can also watch 360-degree videos on YouTube with a VR headset. You can play 3D games. Virtual reality technology is very cheap, you do not have to spend much money to enjoy it. Many times your phone does all the work of VR. For example, your phone is attached to Google Cardboard. And through the apps, your phone’s screen can be seen in two parts. And to see through its lens everything seems big and real to you.

However, it is very important to have a gyroscope in your phone to use virtual reality. However, if your phone does not have a gyroscope, it is not that you can not use or enjoy virtual reality. But when you put on a VR headset, you will only see the video on a big screen. You may think you are watching a video from a movie theater. Besides, you can’t do anything else.

If you have a gyroscope on your phone, you can enjoy VR to the fullest. A gyroscope is a piece of hardware in your phone that tells your phone’s software the angle of your head. This means that when you move your head, your video will also move. And you can feel a real feeling. Suppose you are watching a video where you are watching the Eiffel Tower. Now if you stand upright you will be shown the Eiffel Tower straight, if you raise your head the Eiffel Tower will be tilted and you will see the head of the Eiffel Tower. Hope you understand the advantages and disadvantages of having a gyroscope.

Augmented Reality

Friends, let’s talk about augmented reality. Augmented Reality, a vastly improved version of virtual reality. Remember, what happens in virtual reality? You sit at home but feel like you are not at home and have gone to another world. But in augmented reality if you are sitting at home you will feel like you are sitting at home, you have not gone anywhere. But the footage you see here will seem to be happening inside your house. Suppose you are watching a video of a dinosaur through AR, now you will feel that the dinosaur is sitting inside your house. Maybe the wall of your house burst and dinosaurs entered. Unlike virtual reality in augmented reality, you will not feel that you have left the world of dinosaurs, but you will feel that this world of yours, that is, your home, has left dinosaurs. And in the days to come, this technology will surprise the whole world.

Examples and uses of augmented reality

To give an example of augmented reality, we have to talk about Google Glass. It’s like a pair of glasses. When you wear Google Glass you won’t feel like you’ve gone anywhere else. You will be in the real world but a small screen will appear on one side of your real world. Where you can watch videos or any work.

Suppose you are wearing Google Glass while riding a bike. However, you can see your bike and the road, but in one corner there will be a small map where your bike is going and a description of your location.

If you are talking about a highly advanced augmented reality device, you are talking about “Microsoft HoloLens“. This is a wonderful augmented reality device. Here you can create many virtual objects in your world. Suppose you think of buying a dressing table. Now it is only possible to know how this dressing table will fit in your room or what color or design will be best after buying the dressing table and placing it in your room. But if you wear the Microsoft HoloLens and play the structure of the dressing table on your tablet or mobile, you will see a virtual dressing table in your room. You can see that a virtual dressing table from all sides, you will feel very real. You can change this color, design all if you want. Everything will seem alive to you. You don’t feel like there’s a screen in one corner of your eye or you move into a whole new world. In real life, you will see all the virtual objects as real.

Friends, I hope today’s post has been able to unravel all the questions about virtual reality and augmented reality. I hope you understand very well what these two technologies are, and how they work. So be sure to share the post. Moreover, visit this site regularly. Because I write about new technologies every day, so if you visit, your time will not be wasted. Plus there are a lot of fun tech posts on this blog, which you will definitely like. You can read them if you want. Please comment below to ask any questions or give your opinion. I am really interested to know your opinion.

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